Blick Estudio.

We are a creative design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
We work for both big and small clients, and everything in between, at national and international level.


Our Story.

We grew up in between large agencies, small studios and side projects.
We have learned the slightest detail and the largest strategy.
We decided to keep growing our own way.


OUR STORY — In 2006 we started working together in common projects while we were training and gaining experience in leading creative agencies, small boutique graphics studios, some freelance and developing some experimental personal projects. We were constantly required for increasingly complex and challenging projects. We had the urge to gather and complete the team in order to give more professional solutions to our clients. In January 2010 we opened the studio with the idea to keep learning. Our goal is to offer clever solutions with high visual impact to our ever-growing and diverse client list. Since then we have been working on strategically enlarging our team to be ready for our next challenge.


Brands, design & online development.

We create experiences, we add value, we make a point.
From brand building to print design and online development.
Our team is ready.


BRANDS — We’ve been building brands right from the start. Not just logos, but the whole experience. We brand and re-brand, we add value increasing brand participation and keeping brand awareness at the top, in collaboration with advertising agencies and marketing departments.

DESIGN — You name it, we’ve done it. From packaging to product design. Infographics, illustration, logotypes, magazines, books, slide presentations, wayfinding sistems. Every single print and digital piece you might need.

DEVELOPMENT — “Every one needs a website”. Or a mobile app, or an online banners campaign, or just a landing page. We built it from scratch. We are always researching new technologies, new channels, new opportunities to communicate your brand, your product and your services.


Our Method.

First we take a very good look at it.
Then we think long and hard about it.
Finally, we work hard and make it happen.


OUR METHOD — Our system of work is based on strategic collaboration with the client. Getting to know their business, listening to their experiences and inquiries is paramount to define a work plan that meets their real needs.

We emphasizes problem definition as the cornerstone of our design process. If the problem is vague, so the solution will be. Understanding a specific market, the targeted audience, the business vision and the technology available, allow us to get the better result possible for the inversion made. Every note, every comment, every detail is registered in a thorough design brief that serves as the ultimate guide through all the project development.

Each project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to find a new solution, to learn a new lesson and keep growing.